Robotic Mower Installation

All robotic mowers operate based off a wire loop system installed around the perimeter of the yard. We use a machine that buries the wire underground, so it cannot be seen. A professionally installed mower will not go into your flower beds, neighbor's yard, or into your pool. Pricing varies based off size and complexity of yard. $300-$1500

Garden Care

Blackland Supply Co has a special relationship with Terra Dura Landscapes to help continue maintaining the rest of the lawn. While the robotic mower is hard at work, our crews can keep your garden beds free of leaves and weeds. Our crew can handle anything from leaf care to mulching to new plantings. Let us help maintain all of your outdoor space.




While the robotic mowers will greatly decrease the amount of time and money you spend on your lawn, it sometimes may need an adjustment or firmware update. That is why we are here. All parts of the mower are individually replaceable.