Husqvarna Automower 430X (2019 MODEL)

Husqvarna Automower 430X (2019 MODEL)

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Meet Automower® 430X, a robotic mower that will give you the perfect lawn and more free time. If you own a medium or large-sized yard up to 0.8 acres, Automower® 430X is the model of choice. Featuring smart technology and an intuitive interface, Automower® is the world’s most capable robotic mower. Obstacles and tight spaces are no sweat. And thanks to its weather resistance, Automower® works in the rain, too. Plus, as a premium Automower® model in the X-Line Series, the 430X comes with Automower® Connect, featuring GPS navigation and theft tracking, along with the special X-Line design, including LED headlights, rubber front bumper and specially painted wheel caps. 

  • Working area capacity (±20)

    0.8 acre

  • Cutting Height, min-max

    0.8-2.4 in

  • Typical charging time

    50 min

  • Typical mow time on one charge

    145 min

Choose your add-ons

The Automower Connect Kit allows remote control of your Automower as well as alerts and notifications about the status of the mower, all from your mobile phone. 

Installation Kit info:

  • SMALL - suitable for open areas of up 8,600sq ft. or complex yard areas up to 4,600sq ft. Includes 429ft Wire, 300 Staples, 3 Splicers, and 5 Connectors

  • MEDIUM - Suitable for open areas up to 21,500 sq ft or complex yard areas up to 10,760sq ft. Includes 820ft Wire, 400 Staples, 3 Splicers, and 5 Connectors

  • LARGE - Suitable for open areas up to 53,800 sq ft or complex yard areas up to 10,760sq ft. Includes 1312ft Wire, 600 Staples, 3 Splicers, and 5 Connectors

BASIC INSTALLATION OPTION: Basic installation includes front and backyard perimeter wire with 2 "islands" and one guide wire. Installation of charging station, App set up, and programing robotic mower. Basic install includes 250 meters of wire installed underground 1"-2". 

Additional fees may apply for the following items:
Heavy Duty Wire
Wire over driveway
Additional Islands
More than 250 Meters of Wire
Gate/Fence Customization

Installation Kit:
Basic Installation:
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Working area capacity (±20)0.8 acre 

Battery typeLi-ion 

Typical charging time65 min

Sound level Measured57 dB(A)

  • Reliability 
  • Excellent cutting result 
  • GPS-assisted navigation 
  • Weather timer