Texas Metal Tanks 140 Gallon Tank

Texas Metal Tanks 140 Gallon Tank

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Leadtime: Three to four weeks on standard tanks.


Fittings:  Most tanks take three fittings - an inlet, an outlet, and an overflow.Prices above only include one bulkhead connection for an outlet.  All other fittings are optional.


Inlet:  Options include 3" or 4" male PVC adapter or a basket.  The PVC adapter goes in the side of the tank on the side.  Connect 3" or 4" schedule 40 PVC.  The basket comes in two sizes, 12" or 16".  This is inserted in the top of the tank near the edge.  With a basket, you can spin the top so that the basket is under a downspout.  With the basket positioned correctly, secure the top in place.


Overflow:  Options include 3" or 4" male PVC adapter.  The overflow sticks out about 2".  You can leave it as is, extend it, or run pvc pipe to the ground and direct the overflow as appropriate.


Outlet:  Options include 3/4", 1 1/4", or 2" PVC bulkhead connection.  This watertight seal is threaded.  Most tanks 1000 gallons or less get a 3/4" bulkhead.  This allows you to screw in a 3/4" spigot.  Attach a hose and you can gravity feed the water to your garden or trees.  If you are going to pressurize the water with a pump, or may do so in the future, choose an 1 1/4"  or 2" bulkhead.  You can always reduce it with a bushing.


Download Tank Inlet /Outlet Form Here.


Inspection port: A 12" inspection hatch can be added to any tank for $50.


Delivery / Pick up:  Tanks can be delivered within 120 miles of Dripping Springs.  Fees based on distance, size, and quantity.  Tanks 7' tall or less can be shipped anywhere in the US.  Shipping is expensive.  Consider a taller tank as you will be paying for the empty space above the tank as well.  Shipping quotes include insurance and can add 1 - 3 weeks.