Automower 315 Review

Automower 315-.png

The Automower 315 by Husqvarna is the perfect robotic mower to conquer your lawn. This intelligent machinery is the product of a long line of expertise being refined for almost 50 years.

Originally a weapon foundry, Husqvarna branched out and began developing and producing a wide array of machinery, from sewing machines to motorcycles. Husqvarna have been producing and refining lawnmowers for two decades. Their long history of innovation and development is the key difference between the Automower and any other lawnmower.

This expertise is apparent when considering the design of the Automower. The Stop button is immediately apparent in emergency situations. Underneath the cover, you’ll find the screen and inputs which require minimal learning to master. This Automower does not come standard with GPS, but is an easy add-on. optional remote control, and the weather timer which increases the frequency of mowing during the rainy season. And the 315 doesn’t just do as it’s told - it also learns! The Automower will use its tech to compute the optimal times for mowing your yard based on weather and length of your grass.

And what about safety? The Automower 315 has built-in safety features which keep children, pets, and feet free from harm while the mower is running. The mower requires a pin to be activated so it cannot be accidentally activated. If the mower was stolen, then it would never be able to run. No need to worry about it being lost or stolen, either. The 315 Automower can easily be upgraded to have GPS built in for tracking.

But is it the right mower for you? Well, the Automower 315 is designed for small to medium lawns up to 16,500 square feet and can be programmed to cover 2 main zones. This particular Automower does not handle slopes or complicated gardens. The 430X or the 450X. With wheels that have been created for navigating terrain and the ability to conquer slopes up to 25%, the 315 is the perfect fit for a small yard with not too many complexities. Once scheduled the robotic mower will detach itself from the charging station, mow the lawn, and return to the charging station all on its own. Plus frequent mowing means that grass clippings are minimal and will compost easily into the yard which removes the need for raking or cleanup.

In short, the Automower 315 is the answer for simplified lawn care for a simple yard. If your yard is larger or more complicated, no worries we have you covered with the larger 430X or 450X Automower. If you’re intrigued and would like to know more, please call or schedule your demonstration today!